Develop Web ERP Software

Develop Web ERP Software: Using ASP Core and Deploy to Azure

by Bharati Krishna

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This book teaches you how to develop an ERP application using ASP Core, and deploy the same for the AZURE cloud. The objective is to enable you to master multiple technologies while developing an application, such as MVC, Web APIs, JQuery with AJAX and EF Core. With the hands-on approach, you will find the entire developing process logical and rewarding. The interesting part for you will be learning where each technology fits in, in the ‘end to end cycle of application development’, resulting in complete mastery of application development. As you learn these technologies in one go, with one domain as your reference, mastery will be achieved smoothly by the time you reach the end of the book. Angular with ASP .Net Core is a powerful combination and most wanted in the custom application development market and the job market. So, you stand to gain both ways. We start with explaining designing and programming of controllers and views, domain classes and end with deploying the application using web deploy. ERP domain is one of the most in-demand domains across the verticals. Mastering application development for this domain enhances your potential and opportunities.

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Publishing DateAug 18, 2019
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