Soul Sacrifice

by Susan Faw



The underworld writhes. Terror unleashed. Souls enslaved. The Spirit Shields with memories returned are plunged into a conflict older than mankind. The pending battle pits family against spirit and flesh. The godlings face off for ultimate control of the souls of the dead, each with their own agenda, for there is no love lost between these siblings. Helga, goddess of the underworld, tightens her hold on those who hold the key to ultimate victory. Meanwhile, Avery struggles to convince her sister Artio that unless they become allies they will fail in their misaligned quest. Cayden, with the aid of Brimstone, struggles to fulfill a destiny prophesied since their original deaths long ago. Can four warring siblings find peace and forgiveness? Or will they battle to the end of the world, sacrificing all living souls in the conflict? Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to the Spirit Shield Saga! Purchase your copy today! *Winner, Dante Rossetti First In Category, Chanticleer Reviews (2018)* Other Books In this Series: Soul Survivor Seer Of Souls Soul Sanctuary

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PublisherSusan Faw
Publishing DateApr. 18, 2017
Printed Length308 pages