Chanticleer Reviews / Fall 2019 / Issue 04

Chanticleer Reviews / Fall 2019 / Issue 04: Discovering Today’s Best Books

by Chanticleer Reviews & Media, LLC.

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Issue #4 features international best selling author, the Master of Suspense, J. D. Barker. J. D. Barker successfully published his debut novel as an indie and sold enough copies to land on the radar of the traditional publishers in a big way that includes seven-figure advances, two feature films, and a television series in the works. In this article, J.D. tells us "How he did it and why." This issue also announces the 2019 Grand Prize and First Place Category Winners of the 16 divisions of the prestigious Chanticleer International Book Awards. Writing craft is also addressed with articles by top-tiered developmental editor, Jessica Morrell. Horoscopes just for authors are also included in this issue. And of course, 73 reviews of today's best books are included. Plus much more.

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